Adios Microsoft

My Microsoft colleagues know, but fyi to those outside of MS and my fans…

After 14 years at Microsoft Game Studios, I have resigned as the Narrative Design Director.

It’s been a great adventure—launching consoles and so many games. I still have my original XBOX signed by Bill Gates… AND it’s still running sans red ring of death 🙂

I’ve learned more at Microsoft than I did in my PhD program for theoretical physics!

Some memorable experiences:

  • Watching a talented game designer smash their keyboard to bits over their monitor in frustration.
  • Getting creep-ed out, seeing the Flood in HALO for the first time.
  • Locked in a conference room with key creatives all day, having to re-write the story on a AAA game after cutting one-third of the levels (not the first, or last, time this would happen).
  • Making my 1000th PowerPoint deck.
  • And most of all, working with talented and the most dedicated people in the video games industry.

I’m going to miss my Microsoft friends and colleagues.

So, what’s next?

I’m moving on to create something truly extraordinary. New company. Bold vision. Entertainment for the 21st century.

Stay tuned for details.

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